IoT Fundamentals:

How to extract maximum value from global IoT

In this webinar, we had the pleasure of hosting Chris Guest, CEO and founder of LightBug. Tune in as Chris talks to Onomondo CCO Anders Buchmann about the fundamental things you need to get right for a successful IoT deployment. 

This is a rare webinar, where you gain valuable and practical insights that you can immediately put into practice. We covered:

  • Common pitfalls to avoid when starting an IoT project.
  • Key considerations for taking an idea from POC, to deployment, to profit.
  • A real asset tracking use case example.
  • IoT buzzwords to ignore.
  • Why it’s vital to prioritize connectivity early on.

Chris has written two helpful articles which will help you prepare for this webinar:


  • Chris Guest, CEO and Founder, LightBug

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Chris Guest is CEO and Founder of LightBug, a manufacturer of GPS Trackers. He has considerable experience as a software developer, product designer, and electronics firmware engineer, starting out at 14 developing GPS tracking technologies with his father.
  • Anders Buchmann, CCO, Onomondo

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Anders Buchmann has a keen ability to grow businesses and people. His joint focuses of Sales & Marketing (combined, of course) plus Digital and Cultural Transformation puts him in good stead for an increasingly digital world. He's currently the CCO of Onomondo, where he heads up Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. Previous experiences include B&O, agency roles, and adventures in entrepreneurship.


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