IoT in micro-mobility:

How Donkey Republic scaled globally

Download this webinar where Jens Frandsen, Co-Founder and CTO of Donkey Republic and Michael Freundt Karlsen, CEO and Co-founder of Onomondo, discuss Donkey Republic’s experience of scaling their micro-mobility solutions.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Scaling a micro-mobility solution (the challenges Donkey Republic faced and how they overcame them)
  • The outlook for the micro-mobility and IoT connectivity industries 
  • How Onomondo has helped Donkey Republic reach its goals


  • Jens Frandsen, Co-founder and CTO, Donkey Republic

Jens Frandsen

Jens Frandsen is Co-founder and CTO of Donkey Republic, a global bike-sharing service founded in Denmark in 2014. Growing up in Copenhagen, bikes have always been a part of his life. With his engineering background and desire to improve urban mobility, Jens set out to make it easier to hop on a bike and enjoy the experiences that bikes enable.
  • Michael Freundt Karlsen, CEO and Co-founder, Onomondo


Michael Freundt Karlsen is CEO and Co-founder of Onomondo. A serial entrepreneur with a background in finance, his focus is currently on tech and telecommunications and the convergence between these two spaces. Michael founded Onomondo in 2011 with long-time collaborator Henrik Aagaard. Their goal is to make an impact in the world with a new approach to IoT connectivity as well as creating a workplace worthy of our time.


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