IoT in telematics

Scaling a digital workshop management tool globally with Connected Cars

Trusted by brands such as Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, and Audi, Connected Cars empowers workshops to unlock the untapped potential of after-sales. Leveraging car data to provide valuable insights into customers' car health, they currently connect over 150,000 cars to workshops. 

In this webinar, Mads F. Gregersen, CEO of Connected Cars, and Michael F. Karlsen, CEO and Co-founder of Onomondo discussed IoT in telematics from the perspective of Connected Cars.


  • Pains that Connected Cars solves in the automotive industry. 
  • Why IoT connectivity is a critical part of Connected Cars' solution.
  • Connected Cars approach to data security, from devices, through networks, and to the cloud. 
  • Insights on what to look for when choosing an IoT connectivity partner for global telematics. 
  • How real-time visibility and OTA debugging benefit IoT device deployments.


  • Mads Gregersen, CEO of Connected Cars



Mads F. Gregersen, CEO of Connected Cars, has been at the company's forefront since its foundation. He brought a solid experience with a robust strategic approach from the corporate world, where he worked for Danske Bank and Teradata. One notable project was his primary role with Danske Bank's huge success, MobilePay.

  • Michael Freundt Karlsen, CEO and Co-founder, Onomondo


Michael Freundt Karlsen is CEO and Co-founder of Onomondo. A serial entrepreneur with a background in finance, his focus is currently on tech and telecommunications and the convergence between these two spaces. Michael founded Onomondo in 2011 with long-time collaborator Henrik Aagaard. Their goal is to make an impact in the world with a new approach to IoT connectivity as well as creating a workplace worthy of our time.


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